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Brewer Dental Center offers a dental exam to all patients to assess and improve the condition of your teeth. If you need a family dentist we deal with all ages from children to adults. Based in Billings, MT, our staff is committed to providing an exceptional service and want you and your family to be happy with your teeth. As your family dentist we could schedule regular cleanings to keep your teeth clean. If your teeth require cosmetic assistance we offer solutions such as veneers to improve how your teeth look. With a single dental exam from us we can assess the health of your teeth and whiten them as well as offer implants to replace missing teeth. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for you and your family today!

The Teeth Whitening Chemical Process

Teeth get discolored for any number of reasons, and people don’t enjoy having less than dazzling white teeth. Is the primary reason why they will seek out a cosmetic dentist to undergo teeth whitening. It’s a reasonable question as to what happens in the entire process of making a smile look better.

The enamel of the tooth is porous and the staining material can get beyond the surface so that it is not easy to simply remove them with a toothbrush. The good news is that the staining doesn’t damage the tooth, but always look unattractive. Whiteners use a chemical process to get to where those staying compounds are located. The bleaching chemicals in a whitener create what is known as an oxidation reaction that breaks down the staining compounds. Primary whitener agents are carbamide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide. These are what finally eliminate that dull, dark shade that is coloring the tooth.

With this information, it still is no good idea to rush right out and buy the chemicals and make whitening a DIY project. Dennis is a better understanding of how teeth are affected by the chemicals and what amount to be used safely in a person’s mouth. That is why a full teeth whitening procedure ought to be done under a dentist’s guidance. The objective is to have teeth that produce a very brilliant smile. The very last thing that a person needs to have happen is to use the whitening chemicals incorrectly and cause an unexpected problem that may require serious attention.

Teeth Whitening Should Be Done by a Dentist

Many who have discolored teeth want to eliminate the problem as quickly as possible. It takes more than just brushing thoroughly, because these permanent stains have seeped into the dentin beneath a tooth’s enamel. If anyone is thinking of just going out and buying hydrogen peroxide and attempt a do-it-yourself procedure, that’s not a good idea. There are safety considerations and an effective whitening procedure takes more than just superficial knowledge.
A dentist has been trained in how to whiten teeth and has experience of having done numerous procedures. This medical professional can determine whether or not whitening can be done (it should not on teeth that are decayed), and what type of whitening agent is best. The process to be successful does require several days and up to as long as several weeks. A supervising dentist can advise the patient on what he or she has to do during the time period.

The patient may have sensitivity to the whitening chemicals, and a dentist can alter treatment to respond to that. Additionally, the dentist may be able to recommend other cosmetic procedures that are just as effective and may not take as much time. What is essential to understand is that a dentist is a knowledgeable professional who is not learning on the job. In matters such as teeth whitening, where chemicals are used inside a person’s mouth, the more sensible course of action may be to entrust the process to somebody who knows exactly what to do. Everyone wants a bright smile, but no one wants to suffer the consequences of a self-performed whitening procedure that went wrong.

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